Saturday Dec 8 Altadena Coffee Gallery Backstage Concert @7:00 PM

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JIMMY and TONY LICATA, the youthful Licata Brothers, now finishing their eighth year at the Altadena Coffee Gallery Backstage, return with  musical peers DANIEL SANCHEZ and SONNY KENNELLY for an exuberant family-friendly evening of classic folk, soulful Americana favorites and exciting new originals from the upcoming third Licata Brothers CD, "Kindle the Flame". This concert will also include a guest appearance from local musical vocal artist AMELIA RAE. Their August 2018 concert was a SRO event at this intimate 50-seat venue, so don't miss out on this final concert of  the year from these classically-trained 20-something troubadours of the America musical dream. Admission is $20, cash or check at the door (no credit cards please). Please call (626) 798-6236 between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM any day to make phone reservations.

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