News from Jimmy: Junior Year at College and a New CD

Well, I just finished a very busy but exciting first year in the Cal State Northridge Music industry Studies program. I came in as a junior last year and this program covers a lot of topics. As a music major, I have not only private and group guitar lessons but also classes in sound technology, the history of music, and the legal and economic aspects of the music industry. Back in October, I started working part-time job as an usher at the Valley Performing Arts Center at CSUN (now called the Soraya) and I also saw some very entertaining shows. From January to May I also volunteered every Friday at the campus radio station (88.5FM formerly KCSN), helping assemble playlists, cataloging announcements and lots of other small but important tasks. My music ensemble (group lesson) classes have also showed me two very different aspects of being a performer. In the fall semester, almost twenty students (nearly all guys) played acoustic guitars, so the final concert featured just classical guitars applied to some fairly complex musical scores. For the second semester, I switched to a format that gave us experience as studio musicians. I was just one of three guitarists – this time playing electric guitar and our final concert was at the Soraya! For that show, we played selections from popular music and from the sound tracks of TV shows and films. I learned so much this year, which I hope we can apply to our Licata Brothers live shows and provide ideas for promoting our upcoming third CD.

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