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Well you can probably see that both of us have been quite busy. However, we have discovered that when you focus on developing your capacity to be of better service to others, you are less likely to burn out. What also pleases us the most at our Coffee Gallery Backstage concerts and other community-focused events is to look out on an audience from so many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We really want to share our love of American music but also let folks know that America is a land of immigrants. For that reason, we usually include in our shows a few songs that we have been taught to sing in their original foreign language, like Spanish, Tagalog (The Philippines), Persian, Chinese, etc. These are usually super popular tunes that everyone from those cultures loved and the Americans, even if they can’t understand the lyrics, can really appreciate the emotions and great melodies. Everyone has a great time and gets that feeling of “unity in diversity”. Next time you come to a Licata Brothers live performance, keep an eye (and ear) open for these special moments. We hope you can treasure and appreciate them as much as we do. – Jimmy and Tony Licata [JOINT BLOG POST 2] As many of you may know, we have nearly finished recording our third CD, with a working title of “Kindle the Flame”. We are very honored that this project is being produced by our dear friends and colleagues J.P. Durand and Liza Carbé of Strange Tree Productions. You may also know them as the husband and wife co-founders of the phenomenal group “Incendio”, whose Latin guitar world fusion performances regularly sell out at the Altadena Coffee Gallery Backstage, when the group is not out touring the U.S. Their haunting music has also appeared on numerous film and TV sound tracks. – Jimmy and Tony Licata [JOINT BLOG POST 3] The working title of our upcoming third CD, “Kindle the Flame”, has several layers of meaning for the Licata Brothers. As we have mentioned, one of our big motivations in live performances is to create unity and friendship in a diverse crowd, even when forces in society threaten to pull people apart for selfish reasons or just fear of “the other person”. If we can metaphorically help burn away those veils of ignorance, then the songs on this CD will have served their purpose. Another idea comes from our work with middle school kids who definitely want to develop a capacity to improve the world around them, even if grown-ups think they should not worry about that until much later in life. We all know that even a bonfire will go out if you take away just one of the three key ingredients of heat, fuel and oxygen. Young people developing their capacity for growth and service also need at least three things knowledge/awareness, active acts of service (with family support), and then the habit of reflecting on what was accomplished and how it affected everyone involved. It is no coincidence that the music we have developed for “Kindle the Flame” should appeal to all these young people AND their parents. Finally, we also hope that with this CD our musical career will “catch fire”, an outcome for which we would be forever grateful to our fans if they share our enthusiasm. -Jimmy and Tony Licata [JOINT BLOG POST 4] We sincerely hope that our third CD “Kindle the Flame” represents our next step up as musicians and singer-songwriters. Our first CD “Grizzly Bear” (2015) was a heartfelt tribute to four well-loved tunes from the 1920s and 1960s, in which we put our own spin on classic songs under the careful guidance of our inestimable mentor, the late Duane Thorin. Our second CD “Gift for the Soul” (2016) drew on prayers and inspirational passages from our religious tradition (The Bahá’í Faith) but incorporated all original music (and one entirely original fifth song), into a tightly woven tapestry of vocal harmonies and simple acoustic guitar. The third CD brings this process to a whole new level. There will be eight original songs from a world-embracing variety of genres, as well as two carefully-selected songs by local Southern California artists, performed in a unique Licata Brothers style. Through the encouragement of our producers at Strange Tree Productions, we have also called in expertise from some of the finest drummers in the music industry. If you have attended one of our recent live performances, you have experienced only the earliest version of the exciting, complex and ambitious musical arrangements. Stay tuned for a late 2018 release, though we may be persuaded to drop a track or two before then. – Jimmy and Tony Licata

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