Looking Ahead and Looking Back (Hello, 2019)

We look back over the past year and are so grateful for all your kind support and encouragement. We started 2018 with the writing, arranging and recording work for our new CD, “Kindle the Flame”, a full-on professional endeavor with the amazing crew at Strangtree Productions, namely J.P. Durand and Liza Carb√© (co-founders of the Incendio Band). Many thanks also to Mr. Bob Stane of the Altadena Coffee Gallery Backstage – our musical home these past 8 years (has it really been that long!?), who has allowed us to perform there four separate times this past year.  We also deeply appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm these past few shows as you warmly welcomed our younger musical friends and colleagues, namely bassist Sonny Kennelly, drummer extraordinaire and guitarist Daniel Sanchez and vocalist Amelia Rae. Get ready for bigger and better surprises in 2019!

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