Spiritual Empowerment by Tony Licata

Just like my older brother Jimmy, I had a very busy and productive year in my last year at Arcadia High School. Throughout this year, every Friday after school I and some friends helped facilitate a “spiritual empowerment” program for middle school kids every Friday at the Arcadia Public Library. A few years ago Jimmy facilitated a similar group for my friends and me and now we are doing the same act of service. Young people meet to discuss stories about youth their age from around the world facing tough choices in life, then they explore how to develop practical life skills by being of service to their own community. Every Wednesday at lunchtime, a teacher and I facilitated a similar discussion that explored inspirational quotations from a book called “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit”. Also during this last year, our assistant principal asked me to mentor other students to be office tech interns, a job I helped create last year. I also hope to transfer to Cal State Northridge in August 2019 into the Communication Studies program. I may be at Pasadena City College for only one full year because I have been already taking classes there for the past three years while I was in high school. I definitely like the college experience because you start to recognize how specialized skills will allow you to be a more productive young adult.

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  • Tom Lysaght

    05 Nov 2018 / Reply

    Dear Tony,

    So nice to finally meet you and Jimmy last Friday night
    at the Baha’i Center, and now when I read (above) what
    you did at your high school with the junior youth, etc.
    I’m all the more pleased to make your acquaintance!
    Please email me so I can send you an invitation to a
    Holy Day event this Saturday afternoon. Might be a
    chance to talk more.
    Happy Twin Holy Days!

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